Tumbler Care Instructions

Preserve the Sparkle, Protect the Design!

Our Tumblers are not just a beverage container; they are a dazzling statement piece that deserves the utmost care. Follow these care instructions to keep your tumbler shining bright and looking fabulous for a long time:

  •  Hand Wash Only: Embrace the delicate touch. To safeguard the brilliance of the glitter and the vibrancy of the decal, we recommend hand washing your tumbler. This gentle approach ensures that the sparkle endures, and the design remains intact.

  • Avoid Abrasives: Treat your tumbler with kindness. Avoid abrasive materials or harsh scrubbers during cleaning, as they may compromise the integrity of the design. Choose a soft sponge or cloth to pamper your tumbler and maintain its visual allure.

  • Dry Thoroughly: Say goodbye to water spots. After each washing session, take a moment to dry your tumbler thoroughly. This extra step not only preserves the sparkle but also ensures that your tumbler remains spotless and ready to shine at a moment's notice.

  • Not Microwave Safe: Protect the exterior, preserve your microwave. While your tumbler is a visual delight, it's not meant for the microwave. Please refrain from microwaving, as this precautionary measure ensures the longevity of both the exterior design and the well-being of your microwave.

By following these simple care instructions, you can enjoy your tumbler's dazzling aesthetics sip after sip. Let your tumbler be a reflection of your style, and treat it with the love and attention it deserves!